From Engineer to Climate Advocate

By: Óscar Fernández (Co-founder)

Due to my work, I have had the possibility of attending several global climate summits. In those meetings of states and organizations around the world, the essential issues are discussed. The conferences, exhibitions and scientific reports presented are always interesting. But the most complicated stage of these macro-meetings is the time of agreements. Here, old disputes among countries are aired, many want to take advantage or contribute very little to the solutions. They have transcendental decisions in their hands, even for the subsistence of humanity! What happens next? Unfortunately, powerful countries do not fulfill or half-comply with the agreements. Some countries, even, are unmarked directly from the pacts for the clime, as it has been the case of the United States of America, with Trump at head. The extremes of these summits have always left me with a bad taste in my mouth, a deep disappointment in those who has power.

The call of the scientists, who have been blunt, is ignored: we have to reduce 80% of GHG emissions by 2030 and thus avoid that the average temperature of the planet increase beyond 1.5°C. It has been ignored, despite the magnitude of the threat that can destroy our species and our civilization in less time than we think. The greed and incompetence of companies and governments, which are only interested in economic “growth” before our habitat, is greater.

And what could I do for the environment? From my work in a public organization or as a citizen? Beyond the simple fact of recycling my waste or having a responsible consumption. The fact is that I did not want to be a mere spectator. Specially when even the youngest: children and teenagers, are going out to protest, dissatisfied with the planet that we are leaving them of inheritance.Sometimes I have heard that human beings are a plague for the planet, that we should disappear or become extinct and would have it well deserved. I understand why they say it. However, I still believe in humanity. We are capable of the worst but also of the greatest achievements for the good of all. For all the above, because our indifference feeds the problem and given the sense of helplessness that some people have in the face of the climate crisis, BeyondCO2 was founded. We want to influence the solution, by mitigating the GHG that cause climate change. We want to get the attention of the powerful. We think this matters to you too. That’s why we invite you to join us and try a great feat: to save the planet.    

Oscar and Laura, co-founders, hugging the legendary sequoia trees in California