The unprecedented global climate emergency seems to not matter to the world leaders, nor to the large multinational companies. Civil society – conscious and convinced of uniting our voices and advocating for climate action – can also take initiative in building a carbon neutral movement so effective measures are taken.

At BeyondCO2 we are driven by the desire to save our planet from its greatest threat, uncontrolled (anthropogenic) greenhouse gas emissions.

With your contribution and our joint effort, we will build a community of carbon-neutral citizens, which by 2030 will have substantially contributed

 the carbon footprint equivalent to 1,000 million tons of carbon, contributing to the limitation of emissions required to avoid the 1.5°C increase, making the planet viable for our future generations. Only massive participation will have a real impact and mitigate the climate crisis.                           

We invite you to join the movement and take action with BeyondCO2. By doing so you will support forest projects and therefore contribute to carbon emissions reductions and, ultimately, become a carbon neutral citizen.

Do you identify with our vision? Do you want to be part of the solution and don’t know how?

Support our crowdfund to launch in April, Earth month, and be a part of the force that will stop climate change.